Gameplay Rules

Below are the major rules you should follow when playing in BPL. If there is a discrepency between the information listed here and in the rules channel on Discord - the Discord one is correct.

Earning Points

In BPL teams compete in the following categories to earn the most points during the event. In categories that require you to submit an item, only items in team leader's stashes count.

Completing any of the objectives listed below generates value that gets converted into points for the teams. Value gets averaged across the team for every player that reached level 50, multiplied by 16 and added to the score. If a player has multiple characters in the league, the account will get credit for the highest value per objective.

Characters below level 50 are excluded from scoring.

Value per level

1-49 : 1
50-69 : 2
70-79 : 2.75
80-89 : 3.25
90-100 : 3.5

Value gained for completing following goal:

Ascending: 40
Fully Ascending: 20
Level 100: 50
Allocating 40, 60, 100 Atlas Passives gives you another 10 value at each benchmark


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