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Gameplay Rules

Below are the major rules you should follow when playing in BPL. If there is a discrepancy between the information listed here and in the rules channel on Discord - the Discord one is correct.

Earning Points

In BPL teams compete in the following categories to earn the most points during the event. In categories that require you to submit an item, only items in team lead's stashes count.

If multiple teams complete a point goal with positional points at the same time all of those teams get the same amount of points for the highest position still not taken, and the next team to complete after those will get the spot equal to the amount of teams that completed the set faster than it. (ie. two teams tie for first place points, next team gets 3rd place points)

Personal Objectives

Personal score is given for reaching level thresholds, atlas point thresholds and fully ascending. Then the personal scores of every player in a team are added together, capping at 1500 pts.In addition, the change in uncapped team points will be ranked at three random checkpoint intervals (24-48h) for additional positional points each (12,9,6,3 pts respectively).

Players gain 3 points for completing each of the following objectives. You can only obtain each objective once per account.

  • Reaching Level 80
  • Completing Uber Lab
  • 40 Atlas Completion OR Reaching Level 90

For atlas passive and fully ascending objectives you must allocate those passive points for the objective to be counted.